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Adonis Virgin Hair Co. is an online luxury hair store company that started out in Rochester, Michigan. Our company was created with the thought of wanting to fill a void of luxury hair extensions that last long and are manufactured with quality. Since launching in fall of 2011, we have continued to critique our products and company foundation keeping up with the quality demand we set forth originally.

We are excited to see the growth of our company and what started as just a product has now bloomed into our brand. Now located in the sunny valley of Arizona state, we bring you the same great quality of virgin hair you’ve grown to love.


Oh yeah, for formality purposes… By using this site you agree to the terms and conditions listed here and within. yadayayada..

Shipping & Returns

Hey doll below is just an ideal of when to expect your package. Nothings ever written in stone but we had to tell you something, right? The following shipping estimates are so you can chill out and not obsess so much on when your lovely locks will arrive. Remember it can always be sooner than expected 😉


US Shipping


Standard shipping in the US 3-7 days.

2 days handling in most cases.

Flat rate US shipping – $8


International Shipping


Standard shipping International up to 2 weeks delivery time.

2 days handling in most cases

Flat rate International – $16

Okay, here’s the deal.. If we slipped and sent you a fur ball, rabbit mat or something then- our bad! We will no doubt fix that order!!

But we won’t be accepting no returns because you can’t make up your mind. Sorry, it’s so that we can keep it clean with quality control. You’ll thank us for it later – trust! 😉 … “the things people will wear and then try and send back – js”